What’s One of the Most Difficult Design Tasks? Choosing Kitchen Bar Stools! Read Here to Find Out How to Select the Perfect Ones For Your Kitchen

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Finding unique stools a kitchen can pose quite a challenge. There are so many things to consider: height, material, whether or not it should have a back or be upholstered. Should it be the same style as the kitchen chairs, or not? And then, of course, there is the expense. In addition to materials and practicality, when designing a kitchen, it’s important to consider what stools will be used and how many you have so they’ll fit comfortably and look proportional to the size of the island and the overall space. Here are some options to consider.

Metal. It’s an easy choice for counter stools in a kitchen because it’s a great material for easy clean-up. Plus, metal stools are often pretty affordable in the scheme of things. Metal also allows for a contemporary pendant to work. The contrast of industrial and modern touches works great if the rest of the kitchen looks pretty traditional. Backless stools are great when you want to avoid dominating the island. Round metal lab-style counter stools are perfect for a modern kitchen. They’re practical as well as stylish.

Sometimes stools are chosen because of their shape and design statement. Other choices are about layering materials or being discreet. Consider what you want your bar or counter stools to say in your kitchen. Some chairs come without backs and in a variety of colors. They’re extremely versatile and work in traditional kitchens as much as farmhouse kitchens or modern kitchens. It’s all about balancing the amount of wood and metal and lights and darks to make a space work.

Wood and metal barstools are great! Modern stools that are a mix of wood and metal are pretty popular these days. The sculptural quality of them tends to make a statement in minimalistic and modern kitchens. Then, there’s the partial-back stool. Some have half backs, some have a seat that curves up just slightly.

Vintage barstools feature distressed wood and metal lab stools that can add patina and age to a newer space. Be careful to add casters, though, because the feet on them can often be beaten up and then scratch a floor. Molded plastic stools are another great option. Plastic is is great material for style and practicality. They clean up in a breeze, and white always helps brighten up a darker wood kitchen.

Modern white leather and chrome barstools can add glamorous style to any space. Some people love stools that swivel as well. When it comes to fabric, consider traditional fabric stools. Soft and upholstered, the simple square lines of parson’s style counter stools work great with almost any kitchen. Keep in mind that if you find a stool you like but you’re not crazy about the fabric it comes with, don’t hesitate to have it reupholstered in something you love. This will really add a personal touch to your space.

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  1. Choosing bar stools is the most daunting task ever, even as an interior designer. It is extremely difficult to find the right ones. And, of course, they’re usually very expensive. One tip for any readers out there, is to use cowhide fabric. It’s durable, easy to clean, and also, stains are barely noticeable.

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